17 Tips on Writing a Good Nursing Essay

Some nursing school students might see writing as an activity they have to tolerate rather than enjoy. But you want to enjoy your college days. That means you will need to find a way of reconciling these two ideas — fun and work. We admit it can be challenging. All our professional nursing writers are nursing graduates, after all. You will need to figure out how to write a good nursing essay. And that can be daunting. But we are, and we can help you succeed. We will show you how to do it, and your confidence will grow.

Why Do You Need to Learn How to Write a Good Nursing Essay?
The answer to this question seems obvious. But many nursing students just want to complete their paper without much regard to quality. They feel they have too much work to handle and too little time available. While that is understandable, we must remind you that earning great grades is supremely critical. Grades matter when it comes to admission to graduate school. Plus, some employers might consider them to be an indicator of intelligence. Besides, getting good grades boosts your confidence. Nothing comes close to a well-deserved feeling of success.

Why Does Your Professor Need You to Write a Nursing Essay in the First Place?
Do you sometimes ask yourself why nursing students have to write essays? Nursing is practice-oriented, after all. Your professor knows the benefits of producing such pieces. Remember they will need to grade your papers in the end. Why would they want to make things difficult for themselves? A typical nursing essay covers the fundamentals of nursing. It is an opportunity to show your professor that you have mastered the theory of nursing. Understanding the theory part of your nursing program makes it easy to apply such knowledge in the real nursing world.

Where Do You Start?
We now need to get started on how to write a good nursing essay. But starting can be challenging. However, if you do not get started, you will never complete your nursing essay. The typical five-paragraph nursing essay begins with an introduction. Here, you must tell the audience what your paper covers. It needs to be brief, coherent, and compelling. Next, you should present your ideas or argument in the next three paragraphs.

Body and Conclusion
In the body, you present the ideas of others, both those that support your argument and those that do not. The result is a well-balanced paper that showcases your mastery of the scholarly method. Finally, you will need to craft your conclusion. The conclusion is the last chance you have to convince your reader that your argument makes sense and that it matters. But writing it is always a tad harder than most students realize.

Your Paper Needs a Title
Your title should be clear and brief. Your readers should not struggle with trying to figure out what you are going to write about. Usually, your professor gives you a topic around which to build your nursing paper. It is critical that you understand the essay question before you do anything else. Is the essay about evaluating a model? Has your professor asked you to compare models? Evaluation is different than comparison. Evaluation requires you to highlight strengths and weaknesses. “Compare” entails shedding light on both the similarities and differences. Misunderstanding the question is the beginning of failure.

Which Referencing Style Will You Use?
Usually, your professor will specify the academic writing style you are going to use. Typically, the American Psychological Association style, aka APA style, is what nursing scholars follow. That means you will need to understand how this referencing style works if you want to learn how to write a good nursing essay. We recommend that you visit Purdue University’s website. We believe their explanation on how to apply the APA style is clear, accurate, and easy to understand. The style you use determines how you format your paper. And that is critical. Getting it wrong can mean getting a B when you probably deserved an A.

Collect Data
Writing a smashing nursing essay requires that you demonstrate a thorough understanding of your topic and how to write a good nursing essay. That means you should dedicate a large chunk of your time to reading about and contemplating the topic at hand. You can start with textbooks, but they are limiting in a sense. It is unlikely that your school’s library carries the latest book titles on your topic. You need material that provides you with a current, more informed approach to the subject in question. That is why you need to read relevant journals that have covered your topic.

Use Peer-Reviewed Journals
There are various online databases where you can find plenty of journals with up-to-date knowledge on your topic area. We advise you to use peer-reviewed journals. These types of journals are the works of experts in your field. What is more, other experts have scrutinized such papers and ascertained they are of acceptable quality. To ensure you get only peer-reviewed journals, limit your database search to peer-reviewed journals only. An example of such a database is Academic Search Complete. Peer-reviewed journals provide you with evidence that lends credibility and reliability to your essay.

Write Your Introduction
Most readers are busy individuals. And that includes your professor. That is why you need to ensure your introduction is compelling. How you write it determines to a large extent whether the reader will continue reading or not. Essentially, your introduction demonstrates how you are going to answer your topic’s question. It is not supposed to be lengthy. Typically, 100 – 150 words are enough. Make it as exciting as you can. A dull introduction discourages the reader from spending more than a few seconds on your paper. The introduction is like a snapshot of the entire essay. It has an opening sentence, a body, and a conclusion.

Use Formal English
There is a crystal clear difference between formal and informal writing. Recording an experience of the day in your journal is a whole lot different than writing an academic paper. Writing your nursing paper requires you to use formal English words that communicate your thoughts most succinctly. Contractions such as don’t and can’t do not have a place in academic writing. Do not use casual words, either. Avoid using words such as “felt.” Use “observed,” instead. Do not say “believe”; say find, instead. Of course, your professor should not come across phrases such as “a ton of” anywhere on your nursing paper. Learn to write formal English, and writing essays will become much easier.

One More Thing on how to Write a Good Nursing Essay
You should always write in third-person voice unless you are writing a reflective essay. Also, you should avoid using passive voice. For some reason, active voice communicates much more powerfully than passive voice. Instead of writing “the model was used by James,” say “James used the model.” It does make your writing come alive.

Write the Body
The usual five-paragraph essay carries three paragraphs. Each of them should present one main point. It should communicate a single idea that is critical to your argument. Having more than one focused thought in the same paragraph can confuse your reader and detract from your piece’s flow. Here, you present your case in a way that eliminates all ambiguity. Be sure to support every claim you make with valid evidence to demonstrate you know how to write a good nursing essay. That is why we recommended that you use peer-reviewed journals only. You should consider every paragraph as a complete article. Include an opening line, which introduces the paragraph’s idea. Then, provide evidence and elaborate your thought. Finally, write the conclusion that the paragraph’s main point logically supports.

Include Opposing Views in the Body
Every nursing paper writer knows how tempting it is to exclude what scholars with opposing opinions say. We hate to be the one to tell you that it amounts to a form of academic dishonesty. Your job is to present such opposing views and demonstrate how they do not render your argument less impactful. As a dedicated academic writer, you must learn how to do this. Including the opinions of other scholars shows the reader that your paper is a reliable source of information. When the reader is your professor, you will love what happens after they finish reading your essay. Excellence and nothing else earns you an A.

Logic, Coherence, and Consistency
Logic, coherence, and consistency are the mortar that holds the building blocks of your argument. They create a sense of rhythm from one idea to the next. Every idea flows smoothly into the next one, weaving a strong thread of thought in your reader’s mind. To achieve this, you must master using transition words. Transition words help you to link your ideas effectively. They also bring more clarity to the meaning of your content. Most importantly, these words make your writing to sound professional and not like casual, spoken communication. Learn how to use words such as moreover, furthermore, then, first, next, but, second, additionally and so on.

The conclusion is one of the most critical parts of an essay. Writing it offers you the last chance to remind your audience what you told them in your introduction and body. It does not entail merely restating the introduction. It involves stating your main points in a way that leaves a lasting impression in your reader’s mind. You are not supposed to include new information that you never described in your composition’s body. The conclusion essentially sums up your findings.

Writing and Rewriting Your Draft
All good writing involves a lot of rewriting. Read every line of your first draft. Every word used should move your essay forward. The richer your vocabulary is, the better. Be sure you are not overusing certain words, whether they are transitions or other words. Sometimes you will see the need to rewrite whole paragraphs. Other times replacing words with more impactful choices is enough. Consider hiring an editor to polish up your paper for you.

Such a professional is a master when it comes to selecting the right words. An editor catches all grammatical mistakes, misspelled words, and incorrect punctuation. Also, they ensure your language, tone, and style are consistent throughout your document as a proof that you know how to write a good nursing essay.

Proofread Your Document
Proofreading is what you do just before you print and submit your nursing assignment. The best nursing essay writers realize how critical proofreading their paper is. Enlisting the services of a proofreading professional does make a lot of sense. These experts are sharp-eyed and catch any error you might have missed during the editing process. Pesky mistakes detract from the power of your nursing essay. As such, you must eliminate every single one of them before you press “print.”

Format Your Nursing Paper in APA Referencing Style
Formatting your paper is a highly significant exercise. How you format your essay depends on the referencing style in question. In your case, APA applies. Allow one-inch margins all around your document. You are supposed to use the Times New Roman font, size 12. Double-space your paper. As a nursing student who knows how to write a good nursing essay, be sure to indent the first word of every paragraph by half an inch. A shortened title of your essay should appear on every page.

Each page should have a page number on its top right corner. The title page bears the words “running head” placed immediately before the running title. The rest of the pages do not contain this phrase. The title page also carries your papers full title, name, and institutional affiliation. Note: the introduction should always start on the second page.

Do Not Forget the Reference Page
The reference page starts with the word “References.” Do not include the quotation marks, though, and you should bold it and align it center. Every information source used in the in-text citations appears on this page in full. You can use MS Word to automatically update your references page as you go.

You have learned how to write a good nursing essay. Our professional nursing essay writers can help you with this challenging task. We will write a sample paper that will guide you as you research and write yours.

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